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Notarial Deeds

The notarial office Paszkiewicz & Zeman performs the full range of notarial actions stipulated in the Act on Notarial Services and other applicable legal regulations. Due to specific circumstances or nature of the case, the notarial actions can be executed elsewhere outside the notarial office, in the hospital, for example.

Notarial actions comprise:

  • preparation of the notarial deeds (under the legal provisions or if the parties wish to do so), including the following types of agreements:
    • sale,
    • donation (gift),
    • establishment of a separate title to the premises (conveyance) in compliance with the Act on Premises’ Ownership and an Act on Housing Associations,
    • developers’ agreements,
    • articles of association and incorporation deeds (of the commercial companies and civil partnerships),
    • annuity agreements,
    • articles of marriage (prenuptial agreements),
    • establishment of personal and land easements,
    • exchange,
    • dissolution of co-ownership,
    • division & distribution of the estate,
    • division & distribution of joint assets,
    • other conveyances and other transfers of property rights,
    • rent/lease/tenancy agreements,
    • arrangements and settlements,
    • preliminary (exchange) agreements

  • preparation of incorporation deeds of foundations, associations, housing associations and other legal entities,
  • preparation of the Minutes of the shareholders’ meetings, members of the housing associations’ meetings, other legal entities, housing communities and other types of the Minutes,
  • last wills and testaments,
  • certification of inheritance of the estate,
  • the deeds on submission to the enforcement clause,
  • powers of attorney,
  • certifications/representations/statements/affidavits of:
    • personally signed signatures,
    • documents (true & correct copies),
    • date of submission of a document,
    • a person remaining alive or being in a specific place & time,

  • delivery (service) of statements and representations,
  • preparations of the protests of bills of exchange (promissory notes) and checks,
  • keep documents, moneys and securities in deposit,
  • preparation of certified copies, extracts, excerpts of documents,
  • upon request of the parties, preparation of the drafts of the deeds, representations and statements and other documents,
  • execute any other actions arising out of separate regulations.

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Notarial Office
Anna Paszkiewicz Bartłomiej Zeman
Civil partnership
Józefa Friedleina 7/11
30-009 Cracow
tel. +48 12 421 88 55
fax +48 12 421 88 99

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Monday - Friday
9.00 - 17.00
Other arrangements
upon prior contact.


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